Our Clients

We advise our clients meticulously to meet their specific needs and requirements. We are committed to our clients by continually innovating and investing in our platform.

We have the most relevant variables in performance conditions, times, fault codes, alerts and events.

Our CAN READING device is multi-brand, so we can obtain information from a wide variety of brands available in the market.

We customize dashboards, tailor reports, and provide tailored business intelligence. Responsive system (compatible with Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop and Desktop).

Siempre Presente

Some of the companies we have worked with

  • Collahuasi
  • Sigdo Koppers
  • Sierra Gorda
  • Transportes y Gruas Vecchiola
  • Centinela Óxidos
  • Centinela Sulfuros
  • BHP Cerro Colorado
  • BHP Spence
  • Codelco GM
  • Codelco MH
  • Codelco RT
  • Minera Escondida Izaje
  • Minera Escondida Rental

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