About Us

We were born in 2019, to revolutionize the country's mining operations, bringing this area closer to digital transformation, in such a way that safety and productivity in the mines are developed through the automation of data and optimization of the use of resources.

What is Mining Telematics?

It is a Suite of applications designed to offer solutions in the different areas of your company. We offer solutions associated with the control, operation and management of your resources.

We have cutting-edge technologies that allow us to provide information on your assets in real time and in history.

We have highly reliable devices and the ability to integrate into any data source, be it a computer system or IOT device.

Our goal

Provide a quality service dedicated to solutions in the mining sector, where we transform your data into information that is available for use at all times. At Mining Telematics we are ethical, responsible and transparent. Our purpose is to develop the most profitable and intuitive solutions for our clients.


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